Skylt med information angående vad och hur man sorterar avfall från ljuskällor på ett korrekt sätt.

Information Sign Light Bulbs

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Sign with information regarding what and how to sort light sources correctly. Recycled under the category of electrical waste.

Available in 297x390 mm format and can be ordered as a decal sticker or sign.

The decal sticker is produced on a PVC-free material that is recyclable. The material withstands harsh weather conditions and can be mounted anywhere.

Our signs are printed on 1 mm thick PP foil (polypropylene) which is an impact-resistant plastic with low weight, long durability and good environmental properties. It is made energy-efficiently from 100% recycled material, completely free of additives.

As standard, a strong double-sided adhesive tape is placed on the back of each plate for mounting.