Shipping & Delivery Terms

All prices are shown excluding VAT. The buyer is responsible for the shipping which is 125 sek. 
The shipping cost is reported separately.

When you receive your product, it is important that you ensure that the product is undamaged and that the delivery contains the correct product. If your package or any product is damaged, we ask you to immediately report this to Also save all packaging and feel free to take a picture of what it looked like when you unpacked the package / product. Attach the picture when you report the damage.

Normal delivery time when ordering in the sign shop is 4-5 working days. Delivery time may vary depending on the size of the order. If a delivery delay occurs, contact you. Delivery time for larger projects where a quote has been submitted may vary with the assignment.

When your order has been received, you will always receive an order confirmation from us via e-mail. Check your spam if you do not receive our order confirmation, it may be stuck in your spam filter.