Previously, there has been no common signage system for waste in Sweden. Different systems and symbols in different places have made it confusing and difficult to sort correctly. On 1 July 2020, Avfall Sverige therefore launched a new common signage system with uniform symbols for all types of waste sorting. The better we become at sorting, the easier it will be to take care of the waste in a good way. 

The system is intended to be able to be used at producers, at collection close to real estate, at recycling stations, recycling centers, at rubbish bins, in rubbish bins and at collection in the city. The goal is a more sustainable society where everyone can easily sort their waste and jointly take responsibility for our environment. Better conditions for sorting and recycling provide great environmental benefits and should be an obvious contribution to a sustainable society. Through clarity and patience, we will succeed even better with the sorting.

The new signs are available for all of Sweden's municipalities and producers here with us at Click on to the sign shop or contact us for custom signs

Gemensamt skyltsystem för avfallshantering i Norden


The new system has been developed in collaboration with Avfall Sverige's sister organizations in the Nordic countries. The system, which has been developed in Denmark, has proven to work very well and now the work is continuing to get the whole of the Nordic region to use a common system to increase recycling and create greater opportunities for a circular economy.

Do you want to know more about the new sign system or about what should be added to each faction?

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